About Clearwater Therapies Hampshire Therapy, Fitness and Exercise

About Clearwater Therapies Hampshire Therapy, Fitness and Exercise

Sarah Morgan Giles Member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association Member of the Somatic Experiencing Association UK Somatic Experiencing

Sarah Morgan-Giles has been involved in the fitness industry for 20 years, originally training to teach Exercise to Music, Step Aerobics and Circuits. Qualifications in all aspects of Aquarobics followed in 1993 and in 2002 Sarah trained under Michael King at the Pilates Institute in London.

Aware of the changing needs of her clients, in 2003, Sarah studied Sports and Therapeutic Massage, and in addition, Postural and Gait Analysis. Qualifying in 2008 in Craniosacral Therapy, (a two year diploma course) with the Institute of Craniosacral Studies, was a natural progression, as recognising the benefits of cranial work through personal experience; Sarah was keen to share this with others.

Sarah has also completed a 3 year training as a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner. Somatic Experiencing┬« is the work of Peter Levine, author of ‘Waking the Tiger’, and provides an understanding of the biological origin of traumatic stress and its symptoms, with practical tools for resolution. Trauma underlies the vast majority of our personal and societal ailments: physical, emotional, psychological and relational. Unresolved trauma is the root cause of intense personal distress, and can create a profound disruption in our relationship to ourselves, our loved ones and to each other.

Somatic Experiencing offers individuals an understanding of their symptoms, practical tools to resolve them, and key points for self-regulation. Sessions are both educational and therapeutic, leading to a reduction in symptoms and a return to a more profound sense of psychological, emotional and physical well-being. Specialised bodywork may be used to support the therapeutic process.

Sarah is a Registered Member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association (www.craniosacral.co.uk), The Somatic Experiencing Association UK (www.seauk.org.uk) and The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (https://traumahealing.org/) is fully insured with Balens and holds a current First Aid qualification.